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Established in 1978, Abiqua Wind Vineyard is a small family estate vineyard and bonded winery nestled in the Cascade Foothills in Scotts Mills, OR. For over three decades the vines have thrived in a truly unique terroir while our family’s expertly tended the own-rooted cuttings in Oregon’s Willamette Valley‎. Hands-on growing, and careful craftsmanship are the secrets to our acclaimed and distinct wines. Our footprints in the vineyard, fingerprints on the vines, and gentle touch in the cellar guarantee memorable experience. When you drink our artisan wine, you become part of our family’s story.

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Experience a flight of your favorites or ours in the comfort of our intimate tasting room. Tastings are a great way to experience Abiqua Wind wines. Enjoy some peace and relaxation, or ask Pete to tell you about the loving history and name behind each bottle. 

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A bottle of Isaac's Reserve wine. Pinot Noir. Abiqua Wind Vineyard & Winery. Willamette Valley. Scotts Mills, Oregon.

Isaac's Reserve

Isaac’s Reserve is special, with layers of personality and character. Truly one of life’s greatest delights.
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